Sunday, April 20, 2014

Final project - alsarc

The plan:

So I started with two multi-section surfaces controlled by curves

and projected a grid of points onto the surface.

This was my module, driven by eight non-planar points as inputs.

I couldn't get the power copies to work because my forms were in different geometrical sets. Instead, I made a product file with global parameters and a document template. I imported the template into the part, and the inputs were the 8 points and matching parameters, so I could change them after. I could also go into the sketch, changing the multi-section surface and the spacing/shape of the projected grid. TA DA.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

P009/10 - scripting

I'm at the last 2 minutes of the tutorial. And getting this error.

I've checked that it matches the script custom file and it's still messy... Will resolve soon.

Update: solved through re-making udf file again and again and again... I had checked that the script matched the Cat script file, but that didn't solve things. When in doubt, start over!

Look, I can move around the point that the surface passes through, change the number of curves and change the height of the plane that the passing point is set at:

Part 2
Look I broke it.

Self intersecting panels? Clean the wire?

A better view of the panels

Less bulbous