Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Reading Response - Loukissas [Keepers of the Geometry}

This reading speaks to the hesitance many face in terms of new technology. The examples of Morris and Thorndike's collaboration and different methods of thinking (through drawing vs. computing) struck home in terms of my experience working at a firm. The principals would often work in trace, trusting my computer expertise to choose the appropriate computing program for modeling and representation.

Having come from UVA, a school that focuses on hand-modeling and drafting, I find it almost impossible to model solely in a computer. However, I see many of my classmates unable to think in anything but rhino. This disconnect will most likely ease as the generation of technology becomes senior partners at firms - it seems that once you "think in the computer" that it is a much smaller step to learn new computing programs. Then again, many people do get set in their ways, no matter what, and there will always be those who refuse to do differently than how they've been taught.

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