Sunday, February 2, 2014

P002 - Campidoglio

This is campidoglio re-envisioned...
I made the constraints much cleaner, and made everything based on the outside rectangle. The rectangle has two diagonals, making the center point, on which all the circles are based off of. The diagonal construction lines in the circles are based on a pi/8 formula, which is based off the radius of the largest circle. The radius of the smaller circles are all related to the largest as well.
For the solids component, I made the campidoglio into a mountain range/ artichoke. 
I built lines between the nodes, placed points on the midpoint, and then made a vertical point based on those midpoints. The polylines connected everything, on which I put a surface. A wise person once told me that triangles are helpful because they don't break:)
All three layers completed: Originally the Z heights were based off of set length parameters for simplicity. Then I played with them changing with the radius of the inner circles of the plan. 
 Ta da!

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  1. These look great! I'm wondering if the tip of the pyramids could be oriented toward an attractor. This would allow them all to aim at a specific point in space (that's not a mere Z shift). The variations are really nice to see.