Sunday, February 2, 2014

P002 - Digital Design and Manufacturing response

This reading was a great supplement to how to work and think in Digital Project. From experience of re-modeling project 001 again, it's by far easier to plan the relationship of components ahead instead of determining them as you go, or as an afterthought. Design can't be thought of as solely final form anymore, and designer must focus on the assembly and relationship of components. Digital Design and Manufacturing underlines this importance of breaking down projects into components in software, in order to facilitate the translation into physical construction.

The reading dives into the breakdown of many digital techniques, including surface and volumetric modeling. Turns out that the breakdown of physical manufacturing processes contains this same logic. The final step in digital modeling is the ability to perform specific analysis on components. With programs like Digital Project, we are more able to accurately predict the behavior of designed components digitally, thus informing the process of physical manufacturing.

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