Sunday, March 23, 2014

Algorithmic Architecture - Reading Response

This reading discusses the interesting relationship between human design and computing, providing some interesting theories as to why computational design is seemingly misunderstood. Architects are slow to adapt to the increasing use of technology, but it is because we see algorithmic architecture as too many defined variables when we are so used to "vague, indefinite, and uncertain" design. We don't understand the complx nature of the processes, and "cannot implement them in a meaningful way in design." Our ongoing struggle with working with engineers is much more obvious, for they look for rational consistency when we fight for creativity and resourcefulness. We need to have an open-ended design process, so that any changes in design are not hard to adapt. Architects think that computer aided design impedes this fluidity in the design process, when we are really just understanding how it works all wrong. It is possible for the world of science and the arts to coexist, as long as we understand the principles of design and how to appropriately apply them. We should give algorithmic architecture a chance, because when used properly, we will "open a portal into another world new to the human mind" and explore a much larger range of design possibilities.

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