Sunday, March 9, 2014

P006 - Spuybroek - Textile Tectonics response

This is a great reading to setup power copies in DP. The reading discusses the relationship of parametrics and craft, relating the process of making by carving vs. modeling. He compares the variable modulation of parametrics to that found in nature (a la leaves/biology), suggesting that parametric modeling keeps design from being too arbitrary, while also having a naturally informed logic. While it is not as simple as translating thoughts to paper via pencil, it does allow "variable modulation," allowing copying and mutations to be regulated and informed. The notion that all craft needs to move to robotics is a little far-fetched, even though there is some beauty in controlled variation. However, I'll still a big proponent of not leaving the computer to do everything, and finding the beauty of accidental discoveries that are naturally inherent in human craft and design.

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